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When it comes to building the perfect water feature for your lawn or garden, the key to a beautiful feature is always going to be in the details! By taking the time to invest in the accessories that make your water feature function well, you are ensuring that your water will be clean and clear, that your waterfalls will continue to flow and that all of your hard work and maintenance can be enjoyed for years to come. While there are many parts to a functioning pond, one of the most important parts is always going to be your spillway. An Atlantic Water Gardens spillway is an essential part of the feature because it does so much work. Let’s take a look at what makes these spillways so great and how to choose the right one for your garden pond.

Many people choose to include a spillway in their water feature because it creates a waterfall. Waterfalls are gorgeous, offering a sparkling fall of water that is pleasant to look at as well as listen to as is splashes in the main pool or into another spillway in a cascading waterfall. But in addition to looking great, a spillway is also essential to the ecosystem of your pond. First and foremost, a spillway is going to filter your water; an Atlantic Water Gardens spillway is designed with the latest mats and media to filter your ponds water thoroughly. This filtration means that your fish and your plants are going to have the clear, balanced water they need to live and thrive in your pond. Not only that, but a spillway also offers aeration to your pond to help ensure that everything beneath the surface is getting the oxygenation that it needs.

As you are picking out a spillway for your pond fountain, there are a number of factors to consider. First, how many gallons does your pond contain? How many gallons per hour does your spillway accommodate and is it enough for your pond’s needs? And of course, how wide is the spillway and is it appropriate for the size of the waterfall you are envisioning? By carefully considering these questions before you buy, you are guaranteeing the success of your waterfall and your pond’s health. A great spillway is going to be easy to camouflage with your pond materials to make a natural, beautiful water feature in your pond.