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As the summer season approaches, many homeowners enjoy looking at their lawn and garden to determine the best way to make their outdoor spaces even more inviting and beautiful. If you are excited to get outdoors and appreciate your grass, garden and trees, you have undoubtedly already invested in updating or maintaining your outdoor chairs, tables, sofas and hammocks. It’s so important that you, your family and your friends have comfortable places to sit and relax while they take in all the wonders of nature. Once your garden is planted, weeded and pruned, your patio is pressure washed and your outdoor lights strung up, what else can you do to make your outdoor space even more relaxing and inviting? A fountain, of course! Courtyard fountains are the perfect way to indulge in romance and relaxation, as long as you take the time to pick the perfect one for your space.

One of the first considerations, beyond budget, is going to be square footage. If you have a modest garden, its natural beauty is going to be overwhelmed by a massive fountain. But if you have a huge space, a tiny fountain isn’t going to make any impact at all. It’s important to look at the overall space as well as the area directly around the fountain to make sure you fully understand the impact of the water feature on the ambiance of the space. Once you know approximately what size you want, it’s important to also consider how it will be powered. After all, a solar powered fountain will need plenty of direct sunlight during the day while a corded fountain is going to need to be near a power source to avoid inconvenience.

The placement of your fountain will go a long way towards making the most of its dramatic impact. By putting it where it can be appreciated by friends and family lounging on your patio furniture, you will ensure that it is enjoyed by the maximum number of people. But by placing a bubbling fountain in a favorite secluded section of your garden, you are creating a private space that can be a relaxing refuge for anyone passing by. By carefully considering the impact that you want your fountain to have, you are certain to select the right fountain and the right placement to enhance your lawn and garden. Don’t hesitate to create the garden of your dreams!